Deger Pipes Mk2


Deger Electronic Bagpipe II

The Deger Pipe II is a superbly engineered battery operated electronic chanter, made in Germany. It offers a variety of instrument sounds:

  • Greast Highland Bagpipes
  • Scottish Smallpipes
  • Scottish Smallpipes Soft
  • Medieval

The chanter sound is very realistic and is accompanied by a pleasant and original drone sound. The Degerpipe is used with headphones and can be connected to a guitar amp, or other audio equipment, even a computer. It’s great fun to play, and is the ideal chanter for getting in some additional practice at home, at work, or anywhere on the road!

The Degerpipe MK II is more compact than the previous model, with optimised sensors for improved sensitivity. It uses 2 x AAA batteries for approx 60 – 100 hours of playing.

  • Battery, earphones and MIDI cable included
  • 2 Year Warranty
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