Peter Henderson PH00 Bagpipes


Peter Henderson bagpipes, hand crafted from the finest african blackwood, are the most sought after instrument in the world. Their unique sound and tonal qualities ensure Pipers of all abilities aspire to own a set of Henderson bagpipes. Available in a number of exclusive designs in silver and nickel, they are crafted by the RG Hardie & Co. team with over 40 years experience.

Each Set comes with it’s own unique number engraved on the Bass Stock.

PH00 Features:
Engraved nickel slides.
Imitation Ivory ferrules, projecting mounts, hemp Retainers and ring caps and bushes.
5 year guarantee.

Designs available are thistle, celtic, zoomorphic and victorian

Fully Set Up comes complete with Pipe Chanter, Bag Cover, Cords, Synthetic Drone Reeds and Synthetic Pipe Bag. Delivery Time on this package is 4-6 weeks.

Want to customise your pipes even more? Why not give us a call on 01324 483392 to discuss your options?

Please Note : As of 2nd January 2017, all Blackwood sales to non EU countries will be required to purchase a CITES certificate. This product will be affected, please contact us prior to any non EU sales for more information.