Wallace Bagpipes Classic 1


We understand that price is becoming a deciding factor when customers are choosing bagpipes and this the reason why we believe we have a set of bagpipes to suit everyone’s budget.

As you can see from the attached photographs these pipes are made completely from the finest African Blackwood.

These bagpipes feature :

  • Plain Turned African Blackwood
  • African Blackwood Button Mounts
  • African Blackwood Ferrules
  • African Blackwood Ringcaps
  • Poly Pipe Chanter

Want to customise your pipes even more? Why not give us a call on 01324 483392 to discuss your options?

Please Note : As of 2nd January 2017, all Blackwood sales to non EU countries will be required to purchase a CITES certificate. This product will be affected, please contact us prior to any non EU sales for more information.

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